One important service we offer customers is helping them create new hues  - with every colour of Chalk Paint® tin open in store, you can easily see first hand all of the different combinations that can be made from the Annie Sloan range.  

Ways to make teal...

Over time we have collected numerous samples in our visual arts diary, which you are welcome to browse through for ideas and colour matching. It is always best to see a colour in person in natural light, but for those of you located outside of Perth we can create the sample and send you photos of the result, or post the swatch/es out to you. 

Pale blues created for a customer in isolation last year.

Annie Sloan trained as a fine artist and is a respected expert in interior decorating. She invented Chalk Paint® to be used as a decorative paint on all surfaces, in any colour. Her range is special because it contains very little black pigment, meaning that when you mix any of her colours together you are far less likely to end up with that sludgy, dull brown when you mix other paints. The palette of the Chalk Paint® colour card has also been arranged as a triangle, instead of the traditional colour wheel, as an easy guide for identifying and mixing colours. This triangle also appears on the Mix Mat, a silicone piece which allows you to spread paint and have an easy clean up. 

Front side of the Mix Mat by Annie Sloan. 

As Annie says: "By simply making them paler, darker, warmer, or cooler, it's possible to create an infinite number of colours." 

Annie often shares colour mixes on social media, so be sure to follow her on Instagram @anniesloanstagram and watch the tutorials on her official YouTube channel. 

Lemons and oranges, shared by Annie Sloan on Instagram. 

Colour mixing is also explored in the numerous Annie Sloan publications which we have available instore, including The Colourist bookazine. Issue 5 of The Colourist includes a free poster of a special colour chart: 

Another unique feature about the Chalk Paint® range is you can mix any colour, including any of your custom colours, into Clear Wax to create a different coloured wax! 

Colour is such an important source of joy in life and I am very encouraging for others to use it in all the ways they can :) 

January 16, 2022 — Rebecca La Marca

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