Paint and Gather is excited to announce a new service for our customers, in collaboration with the Paintback scheme. 

Return your used paint tins to our shop and we will sustainably dispose of them for you, by dropping them off at a recycling centre. You can return water-based paint tins, as well as oil-based, paint in plastic tubs, spray cans, and even wax tins!


Paintback is a national environmental scheme, that removes architectural and decorative waste paint from landfill and waterways. Both unused paint and packaging are processed. Water is separated from water-based paint and repurposed, while oil-based paint is used as a fuel source. Plastic and metal containers are recycled and potentially remade into new packaging. It's a great step in creating a circular economy. 


As you may be aware, paint products and their packaging are not permitted as part of kerbside collection and it can be a nuisance driving to a recovery centre just for a few tins, which then end up cluttering your workspace. So please take advantage of this service by bringing in your cans to us and we'll see them off on their next adventure. 


March 27, 2023 — Rebecca La Marca

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