IOD Decor Mould - Faux Bois 6x10


Faux Bois means "fake wood" and so this mould is all about woody textures, with bamboo and branches for creating organic inspired trims. There are two different sizes for each, as well as cross and corner connectors, so you can make any compilation of the design. Traditional bamboo trimming is an easy and quick way of adding sophistication to your pieces, especially when gilded. Suitable for updating furniture and frames. 

A new item from the IOD 2024 Spring Collection.

IOD moulds are your DIY best friend. They are food safe, allowing you to add mouldings to baked goods, furniture, décor, jewellery, even your walls! There are a range of mediums you can use - air dry clay, paper clay, resin, soap, chocolate, fondant, ice etc. (do not use the same set for food and crafts).