Pureco Crackle Finish 200ml

By Pureco

Creates an aged weathered crackle finish. 

Pot, décor pumpkin and doll by Pureco content creator Christie of Ro and Co Re-loved Furniture. 

How to use:

- Paint your surface in any colour of the Pureco Silk Finish and allow to dry. Do not wax. This base colour is the one that will show up in the crackles. 

- Stir the crackle finish well, using a flat stirrer in an upwards motion. 

- Apply crackle finish in an even uniform manner with a brush, leaving no patchy areas. A second coat can be applied for a more dramatic crackle effect. 

- Allow to dry completely, at least 4 hours, before applying top paint colour/layer.

- When applying the top paint colour, be very gentle to avoid pulling away the crackle layer. Use a soft brush and a very soft touch. 

- The crackle finish will start to appear in the top layer of paint and develop over the next 30mins.

- Leave to dry at least 12 hours