Pureco Metallic Finish 100ml

By Pureco


Full of sparkle and glamour, metallics are a specialty finish best used for accenting, and with hardware and appliques. They are water based, so have a translucent opacity - for full coverage use over a matching base colour, and apply multiple coats.

To use as a glaze, with a subtle shimmer, apply one coat using a damp sponge - Pureco's Green Applicator Sponge is perfect for this. Metallic finish can also be dry brushed over hardware and textured pieces to help add dimension.  

Matching base colours:

Gold: Dandelion (Yellow)

Rose Gold: Protea, Sunset (Pinks)

Bronze: Fawn, Carbon, Lead (Dark colours)

Copper: Firebird (Red)

Silver: Ironbark, Jacaranda, Nova (Soft greys or purples)

Tips for a smooth even finish:

- Stir the paint well

- Use a damp, synthetic bristle brush, loading up the paint on one side

- To avoid drag, use a light hand and do no overwork

- Light reflects off the particles, so to avoid visible brushstrokes, paint in one direction

- Use steel wool to give a very light sanding in between coats