Pureco Rust Finish 200ml

By Pureco


Pureco's decorative rust effect involves a 3 part process. 

Part 1: Rust Finish Paint     Part 2: Rust Finish Activator     Part 3: Matte Sealer

How to Use:

- Part 1: Stir contents of the rust finish paint thoroughly before and during use with a broad flat stirrer using an upward motion. You must mix the iron particles that have settled at the bottom. 

- Can be brushed or rolled on, over any colour paint. Use a disposable brush, preferably not synthetic. Apply 2 coats. 

- Allow 6 hours between coats. Once the second coat is touch dry, you can begin Part 2.

- Part 2: apply 1 coat of rust finish activator over the touch dry rust finish paint. 

- After 30mins, mist water over the surface, keeping the surface moist for at least two hours. To produce rust faster, you can add salt to the water!

- For an advanced rust finish, you can keep misting for up to 4 days. 

- Once you have achieved your desired rust finish proceed to Part 3 by sealing with Pureco Matte Sealer. 

Rust finished items by Pureco content creator Christie of Ro and Co Re-loved Furniture.