Pureco Texture Finish 350g

By Pureco

Texture finish will help you achieve a weathered beach encrusted look.

Also can be used for raised stencils.

Use with Chalk finish paint is recommended

Add approx 1:1 texture to paint, add together and mix. (Will not change the paint colour)

Apply in a dabbing/ pouncing action to your surface.

Allow to dry overnight, can be painted over to create two tone looks.

For raised stencils mix a little at a time of the texture to your paint, to achieve a smoother paste.

Apply as you normally would for raised stencils.

Water wash up, if left on your brush will harden if not removed.

Although there is no nasties in our texture, please wear PPE as it is a fine powder, should not be breathed in.

Table by Pureco content creator Diane McGrath of Refurrbys. Textured pot by Christie of Ro & Co Re-Loved Furniture.