Pureco Wet & Dry Sanding Sponges

By Pureco


120mm x 100mm, 4 sponges in each pack.

Can be used to clean and prep your pieces, distressing & finishing. Washable and reusable. To clean the pads, you can use an old toothbrush.

For prep work: Great to use with the Pureco Lemon Myrtle Cleaner to give a great clean and scuff sand in one step!  

MIXED PACK: 1 x 80 grit, 1 x 120 grit, 1 x 220 grit, 1 x 320 grit

PREP PACK: 2 x 80 grit, 2 x 120 grit

POLISH PACK: 2 x 220 grit, 2 x 320 grit