Saltwash®️ Ideas Lookbook


Saltwash and paint can create sooo many faux effects soooo easily; and now we have our top favorite techniques all together in this Saltwash Ideas Lookbook! You will see, throughout this booklet, a variety of faux effects through steps and project ideas in beautiful images and easy to follow tips and steps.

Faux effect ideas such as Verdigris, Rust, Concrete, Sea Glass, faux leather on fabric and more! All these looks are shown by just using Saltwash and paint to create the looks and all in an afternoon. See how to create an aged copper Verdigris look on plastic or new metal, as well as how to create a rusty industrial look on wood and many more faux effects and techniques!

This 18 pg booklet contains top faux effects from some of the best artists around the world. Each page shows pictures and step by step introductory instructions on how each look was created on each project along with links for each artists site so that you can follow up for more tips and ideas.

*Brush not included

Saltwash® powder is a product invented to create a unique weather-worn, layered sun and salt air soaked look in just three quick steps. Saltwash® powder is made with real sea salt so you will notice it dries quickly and has great adhesion. It can be mixed into any brand, color, or finish of paint and is always used as a base coat. When mixed to the desired consistency, Saltwash® can be applied to almost any surface that takes paint. Originally intended for furniture, Saltwash® can also give a unique look to walls, flooring, metal, glass, fabric, and even plastic.

Saltwash® powder is a no VOC product and all of the ingredients are considered safe in a normal working environment. Being conscientious of safety, we recommend to always take appropriate safety precautions. Due to the fine composition of Saltwash® powder, we suggest wearing proper respiratory and eye protection when mixing and sanding. Saltwash® is manufactured in the U.S.A.